Electric City Classic Hill Climb Challenge

A Mad Dash Up an Iconic Hill in East Scranton

Cycling: Hill Sprint Challenge

2022 Electric City Classic Hill Climb on Sunday, August 28th. The event takes place on Olive Street in a neighborhood aptly named the “Hill Section” due to the number of steep hills in the area. A well-preserved feature of the city’s historic past, climbing Olive Street will prove to be a true challenge for all who race to the finish!

The Hill Climb is open to athletes of all skill levels. If you’re ready to take on Olive Street, click the button below to register. Good luck!

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The Course

Running: 1-Mile Dash

The 1-Mile Dash is three laps around the Hill Section. The start line is on Taylor Ave and the finish is at the top of Olive Street at the Taylor Ave intersection. Everyone runs up Olive Street three times!

2022 is the second year for this event, and we look forward to seeing everyone out again to conquer the cobbles!

Divisions are Open Men, Open Women, and U12 for boys and girls. Registration is at RunSignup.com


The Course

How to Watch and Cheer

Sit or stand along the sides of Olive Street! You can bring a lawn chair or sit on the curb. Be sure to bring your cowbell to cheer on the riders!

Electric City Hill Sprint Challenge Schedule

Sunday, August 28, 2022


Cycling Start/Finish: Olive Street (between Prescott and Taylor Avenues) Scranton, PA 18510

Running Start: Taylor Avenue

2022 Hill Climb Schedule

EventStart TimePrizes
Registration Opens8:30am
Open Course9:00am
1-Mile Dash10:00amPrizes 1-3
Run Podium10:30amMen, Women, Juniors
Call to Staging for Cycling10:45am
Fixed Gear Ride 110:55am$600 1-3
Open Women Ride 1To Follow$1600 1-7
Open Men Ride 1 (heats)To Follow$1600 1-7
No Spandex RaceTo FollowPrizes 1-3
No Spandex PodiumTo Follow
U5-in-Tow RaceTo FollowPrizes (ALL)
U5-in-Tow PodiumTo Follow
Fixed Gear Ride 2To Follow
Open Women Ride 2To Follow
Open Men Ride 2 (heats)To Follow
Wheelbarrow RaceTo FollowPrizes (ALL)
Wheelbarrow Race PodiumTo Follow
Fixed Gear Ride 3To Follow
Women Ride 3To Follow
Men Minor Final (13-24)To Follow
Men Major Final (1-12)To Follow
Cycling PodiumsTo Follow
Event podiums take place on course immediately following each event. Event times are subject to change based on participation.

ECC Tournament Explanation

Fun Events

These events go up Olive Street once! It’s perfect for those who want to give it a shot but stepping into a tournament isn’t the right fit.

We have “No Spandex” for riders of any ability or experience level. Just bring your bike and helmet!

The Wheelbarrow Race is groups of 4 and one person has to be in the wheelbarrow at all times while making forward progress. The remaining 3 people assist the wheelbarrow up the hill. All 3 assistants have to maintain contact with the wheelbarrow or another team member at all times while making forward progress! *ONLY single wheel wheelbarrows allowed! 

U5-in-Tow is for parents who tow their kids (aged under 5) in a trailer! We will also welcome top-tube mounted seats or handlebar-mounted seats (though know your limits once you get to the top section!)

Cycling Tournament

Open Men, Open Women, Open Fixed Gear fields of 12 or more race in a Tournament. Fields of 11 or less race up Olive Street three times using “Golf Scoring” to determine the winner.

12 or more

Ride 1: Two heats are randomly generated with groups of up to 24 riders. The top half of Heat 1 will race the top half of Heat 2 in the next round. The bottom half of Heat one will race the bottom half of heat 2 in the next round.

Ride 2: Two heats are created from the results of Ride 1. Places 1-6 of both heats are moved to the “Major Final” to race for 1-12. Places 7-12 of both heats are moved to the “Minor Final” to race for 13-24. All other riders are ranked 25th in the tournament.

Ride 3 – The Finals. “Major Final” races for 1-12 place. “Minor Finals” race for 13-24 place.

11 or Fewer

Riders will race up Olive Street three times. Points are given to riders based on their finishing placing in each heat. The rider with the lowest score after three heats wins the Tournament.

Riders must complete all three rides to be placed. Riders not completing all rides, regardless of their points, will be disqualified from the tournament.

*Tournament specifics will be emailed to entrants once registration closes on the Thursday before the event.

Running Race

If riding up Olive Street three times isn’t your thing, try running up Olive Street three times! That’s right, in one mile you’ll run up Olive Street three times, finishing at the top of the cobbles.

Divisions are for Open Men, Open Women, and U12 boys and girls. Registration is at runsignup.com

Resident Information

Street Closures

The below map indicates street closures for the Hill Section neighborhood. For 2022, the roads will be closed from 5:45am to 2pm.

Car Clearing

Cars will need to be removed from Olive Street, and Taylor Ave by 5:45am on August 28th. Any remaining cars will be towed to a new location (not impounded but moved).